A Must Read to Understand This Blog

This blog is a documentation of my journey with all its ugly alongside its beauty, pathology alongside growth, self-doubt alongside leaps of faith. My blog records the process of recovery and growth which many wish to burry and deny ever existed. I, however, embrace this process and strive for complete transparency, for I am a data point for humanity. My story is our story. My crazy is our crazy. My breakdowns are our breakdowns. My triumphs are our triumphs. All that I achieve, we achieve.

My ego, my fear, my depression, my sorrow, my joy, my excitement, my courage will reveal themselves in my posts, and it is your job, as the reader, to examine each post within the greater context of my psyche. If you are reading these post, you have become a scientist analyzing pieces of a puzzle and trying to see just what image this puzzle becomes, but keep this in mind: the puzzle of my psyche is but a piece to the larger puzzle of the psyche of my generation and the current state of the human condition. Good science requires objective and unbiased analysis, so I implore you to not assume anything.