Act for Change: Take Agency in Your Cognitive Evolution



There is only one thing I loathe about the human species beyond repair, and that is its learned helplessness or declared helplessness. Too many claim action for change impossible without even trying, so they do not have to act. Wars, holocaust, genocides, slavery, and the atrocities in their own backyards happen because they, as a species, create and allow it. I am not proud that we let our fear create exactly what we fear.

People speak of inequality but do nothing to subvert it. People complain about the election and the government but do not dissolve the existing government and fathom a new one. People complain about the economy but do not design a feasible system for nurturing one another without the need of money. People complain about how we destroy the environment but do not abandon those destructive practices responsible. People complain that others are mean, rude, and ill-mannered but degrade many. People want change but seemingly cannot fathom how to make it themselves.

I am tired of excuses. There is only one reason we cannot change if we truly cannot: we do not have the cognitive capacity to do so, and there is only one solution: to take agency in our cognitive evolution so we may develop the capacities for change. The only thing giving structure to the human world is our perception of reality, and it is this we must shape and expand in order to usher in a new era. Let us stop our bickering, running, and lashing out and, instead, strive to push the limits of our understanding and imagination.

Please, read Circles by Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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