Drafting and Designing A Youth Led Agency for Self-sufficiency



This is my most important project for this stage of building my self-sufficiency, and I believe this will not only help me but the many other youth struggling to pave their path in society. I welcome critiques and assistance throughout the designing process; I will post developments.

The function of this agency is to provide youth a foundation of information, contacts, and resources to build their lives as they envision that is formed by their peers while they too pioneer their paths.  

I am only one person. This project requires the collaboration of many, so post your thoughts in the comment section. Right now, I need help designing the structure of the agency. I will be consulting with my friends and other activists, but I also post this to allow anyone to offer insights.

Below is what I have so far for the purpose and inspiration of the agency:

Youth Led Agency for Self-Sufficiency



          To facilitate the most efficient and direct attainment of self-sufficiency as envisioned by youth by mapping out possible trajectories and assisting in circumnavigating and thwarting barriers. 




Many of the service providers for the youth are overwhelmed with providing the basic physiological and psychological necessities to sustain the homeless and at risk youth, which is indeed a vast undertaking, however, once a point of physiological and psychological stability is met, too many youth find themselves confused about what to do next. Without immediate guidance and support, youth face a helplessness and hopelessness for the achievement of the life and self-sufficiency they envision beyond the very temporary stability provided. This confusion mixed with unawareness of how to navigate society to achieve their self-sufficiency, uncertainty of if they will reach self-sufficiency before housing programs’ end dates, on top of the normal tribulations of cognitive development and identity formation makes a potent cocktail of fear, anxiety, and depression which in turn further inhibits youth to build their lives.


We wish to help alleviate this unfortunate consequence by helping youth realize they can, in fact, design the trajectory of their lives and that they are not without help to overcome socio-economic barriers to their dreams by working with them to navigate service providers, obtain job and education opportunities and resources including certifications, design small business models, as well as network with experts in desired fields. By mapping out effective routes to create the self-sufficiency youth envision, we empower youth to take agency in their lives to manifest their dreams and fulfill their potential. By allowing youth to direct themselves, we provide youth the opportunity to become the people they love and respect, for they will build their lives on their terms and without undermining their values, which the inability to do so forces many youth to the streets.




          Our peer led agency will



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