I Won And I’m Back

Let’s begin this with a simple statement: I won! Everything I have searched for I have attained. Despite every hardship and onslaught of doubt, I made it this far even though I didn’t endure as much as most of my friends. But, “it’s not a competition of who suffered the most” they tell me. Perhaps not, but still I say I couldn’t do homeless right. I had too much privilege, too much support to claim any great rising from the nothingness of the streets. Thankfully, I’m not after such an accomplishment. No, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have played the game like I have; I wouldn’t have used the services to their fullest. Instead, I chose a different path, a different story. I chose to seize resources and stable housing, so I can take a shot at empowering my friends and anyone looking to build the life they envision.

Regardless of how incompetent I feel or am, many of the social workers we depend on are just as if not more incompetent, and this has to change. I have sold my potential throughout this journey speaking of my ideals and how I just know I can manifest them. Well, now that I have a stable and accommodating housing situation, I must follow through with my sales pitch. That is, if I can; if these weren’t merely the rants and ravings of a naïve child.

I have waited for this moment for a long time. The moment when I can state that the true test of my stuff begins, and now, I confidently assert this. Always remember the words of one of my mentors: “Success and failure are impostors. What matters is the struggle to grow.” With every step I take into the unknown, I recite this, and it is this fundamental perception that enables me in every endeavor. We never know what we are truly capable of until we act, and act we must.

At present, many opportunities cry out for the taking like the conference call I had yesterday with people across the country working towards developing the metrics to quantify the success of services in order to optimize their ability to end youth homelessness. I also had the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing send me copies of grant agreements for various agencies which I plan to distill into easily disseminated charts or tables, so the homeless youth can know exactly what is expected of agencies and hold them accountable if need be. And as always, I have more to write about. Oh, and let’s not forget I still need to develop the infrastructure of a youth-led agency.

Unfortunately, I could not function beyond day to day survival in my previous housing situation, but with the transition to a place called 5th Street Housing last Tuesday, I now have exactly the environment I need to thrive. The room is about twice the size of the last, came with a mini fridge, and I have no roommate. Yesterday, ordered an L-shaped desk to finally have an “office.” The restrooms are much nicer, and there’s a kitchen and a laundry room downstairs. Also, I already have a group of good friends here that like and respect me. A stark contrast to my last place. It’s a simple life, but one that propels you forward if you take advantage.

I’m finished with the frivolous posts and documentations of random activities unexpectedly offered to me like movies, restaurants, day trips, etc. At first, they were a show of surprise and a sharing of my adventure, but they no longer serve a purpose. I will, instead, focus on real developments like speaking engagements, meetings with heads of service providers, significant accomplishments, encounters with great people, and breakthroughs in projects. I had my fun and my time of awe, but now it’s time to buckle down and get the ball rolling. I appreciate your following of my journey and your patience while I scrambled around for stability and direction. From here on out, I guarantee more frequent significant developments as I plow forward along my path.



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