I Won And I’m Back

Let’s begin this with a simple statement: I won! Everything I have searched for I have attained. Despite every hardship and onslaught of doubt, I made it this far even though I didn’t endure as much as most of my friends. But, “it’s not a competition of who suffered the most” they tell me. Perhaps not, but still I say I couldn’t do homeless right. I had too much privilege, too much support to claim any great rising from the nothingness of the streets. Thankfully, I’m not after such an accomplishment. No, if that were the case, I wouldn’t have played the game like I have; I wouldn’t have used the services to their fullest. Instead, I chose a different path, a different story. I chose to seize resources and stable housing, so I can take a shot at empowering my friends and anyone looking to build the life they envision. Continue reading “I Won And I’m Back”

Reaching Out from the Streets: My Official Statement

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My name is Phillip O’Donnell. I’m 22 years old and homeless in San Francisco. Homeless with purpose. I’m on a journey to save my life from the crippling depression that has plagued me since as early as 7 if not earlier and other social-institutional factors that exacerbate my depression like the toxicity of my family and the loneliness I felt in the social world of Houston, Texas. When I arrived in San Francisco, I was shocked to see so many cultures aggregated into one place, and I spent a large portion of my time observing. Once I began truly interacting, I discovered an abundance of intelligent, likeminded people who soon became my friends. I learned that I really am not alone, that I belong. Most importantly, I learned I can be happy here. Continue reading “Reaching Out from the Streets: My Official Statement”