Rise from the Mud…Breathe

A Journey to Change the World

Philip O’Donnell

rise-from-the-mud-breathe-coverEmbark on a challenging journey into the thick and heavy muck of ambiguity permeating our world to explore, through the eyes of homeless and idealistic young men, fundamental flaws in humanity’s current design of civilization. Sojourn the streets to illuminate your role in existence and develop an understanding of your autonomy of your perception of reality through my new and first novel: Rise from the Mud…Breathe. This book is based off a real journey I took in Houston, TX, and with only a little embellishment and the addition of one or two characters, all scenes come from real experiences. The dialogue, too, is based on real conversations but eventually departs into the abstractions of my imagination. You can find it on Amazon here and check out the Facebook page here.